11/12/16 EPISODE 8
When Vermont's "Precision Valley" Changed the World

The tools and the methods which make mass production possible were pioneered at the Robbins & Lawrence Armory in Windsor, Vermont. Using precision metal and wood cutting machines and high standards of accuracy, Robbins & Lawrence proved the effectiveness of a new type of manufacturing that would soon be known as the American System. Today, even in the age of plastics and microprocessors, the concept of precision manufacturing provides the foundation for modern industry around the world.

EP 8 of "Orient Espresso" explores why these inventions did not occur in China, way before they occured in Vermont. After all, China had developed a sophisticated system of industrial manufacturing centuries before the inventions in Vermont; individually fitted armour being but one example of Chinese sophistication.

OUTRO: You've been listening to Orient Espresso the weekly discussion of a headline issue in U.S. - China relations, between Dartmouth College historian Pamela Crossley & Norwich University international relations specialist Sarwar Kashmeri.

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