EP 11 Can a Dalai Lama reincarnate in St. Louis ?!

When China outlawed unlicensed reincarnation in 2007, it intended to smother religious autonomy in Tibet and other regions of Buddhist culture. Biut it has led to the collapse of one of the most interesting foreign policy postuyres in East Asia —Mongolia’s half century of taking an independent line despite sometimes intense pressure from the PRC. Now Mongolian leaders have banned the Dalai Lama and all but apologized to China for having permitted him into their country. It is a spectacular victory for the Middle Kingdom over the World Conquerors. But the Dala Lama has at least one more card up his sleeve. He claims that the 10th Jebtsundampka Khutuktu, the third-highest lama and the historical leader of Mongolian Buddhists, has already been reincarnated… somewhere… Pamela Crossley of Dartmouth College and Sarwar Kashmeri of Norwich University pick up this thread in this and the next episode of "Orient Espresso."

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