11/6/16 EPISODE 4
Trump or Clinton, who will handle US-China better?

First the Philippines, now Malaysia are beginning to balance their U.S. alliance by a stronger relationship with China. After all, China does not harangue these countries with ideological niceties, as does the U.S. No lectures about corruption in government, or extrajudicial killings, or womens rights and human rights. Will President Trump or President Clinton be better at reversing this trend by American allies, because the U.S. grand strategy towards China is epitomized by one phrase: a pivot to Asia. To succeed the strategy relies on strong alliances in the region. Another view about the U.S.-China relationship from a historian and a foreign policy specialist who observe Asia from their perch in Vermont.

OUTRO: You've been listening to Orient Espresso the weekly discussion of a headline issue in U.S. - China relations, between Dartmouth College historian Pamela Crossley & Norwich University international relations specialist Sarwar Kashmeri.

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