11/12/16 EPISODE 5
Trump might be better than Obama re US/China relations

INTRO: President Trump might just be better than President Obama in managing the U.S. - China relationship. Or would he?! Dartmouth College's Pamela Crossley and Norwich University's Sarwar Kashmeri engage in the next episode of Orient Espresso.

President Obama announced that America would pivot to Asia, move 60% of its military assets there. That was 5 years ago. Not much has happened since except raising China's irritation level. Now President-elect Trump must work with China to generate business and money for his massive infrastructure program. Both together point to pivot in America's strategy towards China instead of a pivot to China. Or does it? A spirited discussion between Pamela Crossley of Dartmouth & Sarwar Kashmeri of Norwich University, over coffee at their favorite haunt in Vermont.

See also Pamela's ChinaFile commentary on "How Should Trump Deal with China, and How Should China Deal with Trump?" 10.9.16

OUTRO: You've been listening to Orient Espresso the weekly discussion of a headline issue in U.S. - China relations, between Dartmouth College historian Pamela Crossley & Norwich University international relations specialist Sarwar Kashmeri.

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