11/6/16 EPISODE 9
Can You Have Two Bulls in the China Shop?

Since 1971, the handling of the Taiwan question between the U.S. and China has depended primarily upon finesse --sometimes a lack of written specification, sometimes a verbal ambiguity, sometimes a infinite delay in resolution of basic issues. Success has rested on three critical foundations: U.S. agreement that there is only one China; recall of the U.S. Ambassador from Taiwan, and the establishment of diplomatic relations with China. Since then no American President has communicated directly with Taiwan's Leaders, despite steady a economic and strategic relationship.

Now both President Tsai Ing-wen and President-elect Donald Trump appear, for their own reasons, eager to shatter the delicate crockery of this arragngement, starting with a telephone conversation So, can the U.S./China relationship withstand not one but two bulls in the China shop?

You've been listening to Orient Espresso the weekly discussion of a headline issue in U.S. - China relations, between Dartmouth College historian Pamela Crossley & Norwich University international relations specialist Sarwar Kashmeri.

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